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Website design is one of the most important pieces in an online marketing strategy. Our web design team has over 15 years of combined experience. The founders have been performing website design services since early 2000’s. Our team keeps up with the latest technology and concepts to stay ahead of your competition. Developing a website that converts is key, and there are many factors that determine the success of your efforts.

Hire a team that has strict processes to ensure you always stay ahead of your competitors. Website design is key to online success and your website is the hub in your marketing strategy. The old saying “if you build it, they will come” does not apply. Cutting edge website design is important in order to create a web presence that attracts visitors and results in conversions.

Website Design Key Factors

There is really only one space online that you completely control. You can only fully control your own website. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the many other online portals are important. Websites made with Google Business Profiles will be turned off in March 2024. However, your website is the hub where everything else should point. It should be the number one focus for any business owner. Once your website is where it needs to be, then you can start creating the other online profiles.

Another factor in website design strategy is the layout. Simply put that is the look and feel. This is important for many reasons. Ease of use is the number one reason but attractiveness is also important.

Get enough to be in business without breaking the bank

What are other factors you may want to consider in your website design strategy?

  • Good copy writing, is important for conversion ratios as well. You will want to consider the copy on each page carefully.
  • Images and graphics are also important. Use just the right images or graphics in order to deliver a precise message.
  • Blogging and blog automation can be useful for your users and can contribute to your online marketing efforts.

Website Design Process

Strategic Marketing House has experienced project directors that work directly with our web developer and you to create the perfect website for your business. We start with a website design mock-up of what your new website will look like. We adhere strongly to your brand and ensure your website is an extension of your company.

Call us today for a free website requirements analysisWe have a web solution that fits just about any business budget. Our website design packages start at $1500 and include design, using your existing content and images, we'll get your new site up and ready including the first 6 months of hosting.

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