Google Map Ranking for Local Business

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Get top rankings, more reviews, and expand your maps reach. We help you appear in multiple cities, attract clients from beyond 10 miles. 
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We Help Local Businesses Get More Leads

Rank Higher in Google Maps

Our Google Maps ranking service increases your local search visibility to get more phone calls and website visits.

Expand Your Local Business

Map Ranking boosts your visibility in multiple cities, enabling you to attract more new customers by ranking higher.

Get More GBP Reviews

Reviews play a role in boosting your rankings and conversions. Secure new 5-star reviews for every satisfied customer.

Google Maps

Tired of Map Ranking Strategies Failing You?

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✔ Medical    ✔ Local Service Industries   ✔ Wellness
✔ Landscaping    ✔ Storage   ✔ Automotive 

Map Ranking Web Design

Our websites create impact. A website can hurt or help your local Maps ranking
Make sure yours is working FOR you!

Get a professional and mobile responsive website or landing page that converts like crazy.

Harness the power of visibility through our ranking services.

Our team works to elevate your digital presence and draw organic traffic.

Fuel your growth and connect with your target audience more efficiently with our customized SEO services.


Market Happy

We want you to be Market Happy

We are about solving your number 1 problem -  We get your phone ringing!

Your quality of business life is as important to us as ours is to us. We want all of us to do what we love and love what we do.

We have a combined 25 years of digital marketing and advertising between key people.

Our perfect client is someone who knows they need help and is willing to allow things to be done differently than what they are doing to create a new result. 

Are you ready to join us on your Market Happy journey to growing your business?

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You've come to the right place. SMH is the place to go for all your marketing strategies and tactics to help rank your business.

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